Congratulations/ Storytelling

Congratulations/ Storytelling



You’ve passed the interview!

The names listed have a right to participate in the FINAL TEST to become members of STORYTELLING DIVISION!

The FINAL TEST will be held on
Tuesday and Wednesday, 25th – 26th September 2018
Started at 19.00
In Student Center, 2nd Floor


There are three backgrounds: Place, Time and Weather

  •  Old Building, Twilight and Storm.
  •  Select minimum two between three backgrounds.
  •  Some properties and accecories are allowed but not obligatory and will get additional scores.
  •  The stories are free (no rules, free genre: comedy, drama, etc) according to the creativity of the participants.
  •  Maximum time of your final test performance is 7 minutes.
  •  Bring 3 hard copies of your story on final test day.

Good luck guys!

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