Do you like to argue about everything? About laws, economics, gender equality, or even God? If so, then this division is the best choice you can ask for. In debate classes we blow our mind, we learn and argue about everything to the point where both teams agree. In this division we learn how to be a good debater, from basic structure on debate, matter, manner, and even strategies to win the debate. Debate team SES Telkom University has been participating on many annual competitions such as ALSA UNPAD, ALSA UI, AEO, and NUDC. To join those competitions, first we need to pass an internal competition within the SES Tel-U Debate division. We have to do speech, do some matter quiz, and also debating of course. After deciding Telkom’s delegates, we have intensive training. In this moment, your commitment will be examined. Nevertheless, Debate is a fun and challenging division. Just wait until you meet our “Angel”.