SES Upgrading 2019

SES Upgrading 2019

Precaution : The article is full of happiness and joy, be prepared!


Hello pals, on 29th September 2019 we have done some cool and fun activities, such as worked out, jogged, run, and played some games. Well, to be honest it was fun but also took a lot of energy because we had to scream and run at the same times…

So, if you guys wondering what is an upgrading? Upgrading is an event for all SES member to have fun and get to know each other by playing group games, hanging out together and all the other things.

Ok, now let’s take a flashback to September 29, 2019…

We started the event at 9 A.M. in front of K Damar building and the weather was so sunny and windy, it was a good day to make a good memory. After all of SES member has gathered around, the event started with group division, each group consisted of 4-5 persons.

There were four games for each group and there was one game for all of SES member ( including senior ). The first game was matched the names of SES cabinet members with their photo. The purpose of this game was to made new member of SES to know more about SES itself.


The second game was photo frame challenge, every member from each group have to take a photo on a small frame and all member has to fit in the frame. So, say cheese for the camera…


While the third game was paper challenge, each group got one piece of wrapping paper and they have to fold the paper every 10 second and all the members of each group have to stand on it and fit into the paper. The smallest paper folds, wins…


And the fourth game was whisper chain, prepare your ears for this game, because it needs your concentration and focus.


Last but not least was a dragon game, see the picture below to find out the excitement 🙂

Bonus images :

Article Written by Audi Elvira Widiyanti ( Speech ).

Photo Credit : SES Public Relation.

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