“Through SES and Beyond”, that’s our tagline at UKM FAIR 2019. This year we come with different and unique yet so cute theme, our theme is “TOY STORY”. As you know, Toy Story was being such a trend these day, Toy Story was one of many animation movie who has 4 movie in the last 24 years and became the most favorite movie all the time! Crazy right?

Well, we chose this theme because we want SES to be as great as Toy Story, besides that it has so many cute character and this UKM Fair we used those character to become our mascot. Our mascot this year are Andrew from speech division and putri from debate division. They both are freakin’ cool guys as you can in the picture below.

So, SES STORY : UKM FAIR JOURNEY began almost 4 months ago, before our long holiday came. With Indra Padmajaya as the chairman, and Audi Elvira as the vice chairman. They both couldn’t did something great without their minister, and they are ; Iin Aulia as Event Maker coordinator, Fitri Rahmawat as Public Relation coordinator, Almira Dhia as Publication and Documentations coordinator, Ahmad Izharul as Logistic coordinator, Lutfiah Meydina as Consumption coordinator. And those 5 minister they built something great in this journey and the most important thing was the staff from every division brought big impact in this event. This journey was so fun yet so wonderful, together we built something magnificent, and our both was so cute!

And in the main day, 31 August 2019, the event started at 7am with UKM Parade. So every UKM who joined this UKM Fair must send their representative and walk around Telkom University, started from GSG as the meeting point, and went to student dormitory and end up at Telkom University Convention Hall. SES member were the most excited team then the others team who joined UKM Parade, it seems because we wore same clothes and brought a mascot and also came with a unique theme, not like the others.

In the first day, there were around 700 students who came to our both and there were around 400 students who want to join SES by fill the form in our booth. That’s crazy isn’t? we were totally have fun in the first day, and the excitement from the visitor made us glad and proved that we are made it. The first day was come to an end at 9pm and we all went home.

The second day or the last day the event started at 7am, and in at the last day we got more spirit. We came to the center of the place, stand in front of the entrance and gave every visitor our brochure. The last day, was not crowded as the first day but it didn’t make us leak of spirit we still having fun until 8pm. And the event was over soon, so we should clean up our booth soon before 9pm.

UKM Fair Journey is over but its not the end of our journey, we will see each other soon at the Open Mind at 6 September 2019 in Dekanat Building 1st floor. And the open recruitment will be opening soon! You can follow us on Instagram @sestelkomuniv and add our official account line @ONV6671R. So, stay tuned guys!


Article Written by Audi Elvira Widiyanti ( Speech ).

Photo Credits : SES UKM FAIR Pubdoc’s Team.

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