SES Open Recruitment TEST 2019!

SES Open Recruitment TEST 2019!


The thing you’ve been waiting is here! So, SES has open recruitment for new member batch 2019. We already did an interview was held on 11th – 12th September 2019 and final test was held on 18th – 19th September 2019.

There were about 350 participants in interview test, and there are about 150 participants who past the interview test and went to the final test. There was no extended time for the interview and final test, so they were really rush in time to prepared their selves to face the interview and final test.

In the interview test, every initiate was interviewed about their basic skill in speaking English, Spelling, and their knowledge about the division they want to join. Every participant looked very nervous, while waiting the line and their turn, they talked to each other and get to know each other.

And the result came up, half of the participant in the interview didn’t make it to the final test, but it doesn’t mean that you are not capable enough to join SES, but we give you time to learn more about SES and develop your basic skill first.

In the final test, the participants were look very nervous and shacking than before, because this final test was a last step to determine whether you are worthy to become one of us or not. So this is the moment to give us your best shot.

Unlike the interview test, every division has their own final test, so it was difference between on division and other division. For speech division the initiate have to perform their speech in front of the judges, movie making initiate have to send their movie to the judges, newscast initiate have to pretend to be a news anchor in front of the camera, scrabble initiate have to play scrabble, pick the right spelling word, and for the story teller initiate they have to perform their story to the judges, and last but not least debate with their own test.

All those test has been done, and now please waiting for the announcement, you are on step closer to join the club! Just believe in yourself you already gave us your best. No matter what the result of the test, you already become a winner of your own! Good luck guys!


Article Written by Audi Elvira Widiyanti ( Speech ).

Photo Credits : SES OPREC Pubdoc’s Team.

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