SES Open Mind 2019

SES Open Mind 2019


After last week we finished our UKM FAIR JOURNEY, this week we continued to our OPEN MIND JOURNEY. Our journey started soon after the UKM FAIR JOURNEY end, we already prepared for all those things we needed during OPEN MIND. The OPEN MIND was held on September 6th 2019, in Dekanat Building 1st floor. The event started at 6.30 pm and ended around 9.00 pm, and there are almost 200 participants in this event.

The purpose of this OPEN MIND was to introduce SES to those of you who want to know more about us and who want to join the club. So, basically this event was dedicated for our initiate member.

And also, in this event every division should be presented and performed their show, there are a story telling by Falah and his friends, Raihan spoke about his speech and giving motivation to the audition, Grace presented about Debate, Dhimas spook about movie making, scrabble was presented by Toriq, and last but not least was Ilham dan Caca talked about newscast division.

And then after every division has performed their show, the event continued to FGD (Forum Group Discussion) between SES initiate and SES member. So, in this FGD every initiate went to the division they want to, and the division coordinator explained about their division program, their weekly training, their competition and many more.

These are the photos of our joy in OPEN MIND :









And what’s next after OPEN MIND JOURNEY? Is the the journey has end or there is something more that you all should wait? STAY TUNED and let’s going above and beyond!


Article Written by Audi Elvira Widiyanti ( Speech ).

Photo Credits : SES OPREC Pubdoc’s Team.

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