Storytelling Competition

Rules during the Competition :

  1. Each participant must come at least 30 minutes before the competition begins.
  2. Each participant must stay at the competition venue (Telkom University) until the competition end, except by any of the committee’s permission.
  3. None of the participants is allowed to read any story text or keynote while delivering the story.
  4. Each participant will be called three times in a row based on his/her turn (first chance).
  5. Participants who don’t come up after being called three times (first chance) will be put on the last turn (second chance).
  6. Participants who don’t come on the second chance will be disqualified.
  7. Participants may use properties or costumes, to help to bring their stories to life.


Rules of Timing in Competition :

  1. Time keeper will raise the yellow board as a warning for the participant that they have 3 minutes left
  2. Time keeper will raise the red board as a warning for the participant that they have 1 minutes left
  3. Time keeper will raise the white board as a warning for the participant that their time is up
  4. The tolerance time will be a consideration for score lessening. Thus every second past the tolerance time will reduce the score.




  1. First round
  • The story should be the original story
  • Original Story is the story made based on your own creativity. It’s a story with a theme “Society and Movement”.
  • You should bring 3 copies of your story when technical meeting and send the softcopy in
  • Each participant has maximum time of 7 minutes to deliver his/her story

2. Second round

  • There will be 5 random stuffs provided by the committee.
  • Participants will have to deliver a story based on the 5 random stuffs provided in order.
  • Each participant will have 6 minutes to deliver their story.

3. Semifinal

  • The top ten finalist will be divided into two teams.
  • Each team will be telling a story with the concept of Continue Story.
  • The first sentence will be given by the committee.
  • Each finalist will have 2 minutes to tell their story and will be scored individually

4. Final

  • In this round, there will be a box contain of things that each finalist will have to take just one thing from it.
  • Finalists will deliver a story with Continue Story concept with the other finalists and will have to include the thing they took from the box in their story
  • First sentence will be given by the commitee.
  • Each finalist will have 2 minutes and 30 seconds.


Scoring criteria

a. Matter (40%)

  • Grammar
  • Vocabulary
  • Story substances
  • Pronunciation

b. Performance (60%)

  • Interaction (stage act, eye contact, costume, equipment)
  • Intonation
  • Expression (including body language)
  • Punctuality of time

Every rule has to be followed. Disqualification is necessary for every participant who doesn’t obedient the rules.