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Telkom Annual Competition of English Society (T-ACES) 2019

About T-ACES

Student English Society is one of student activity unit of Telkom University which is composed by students from all faculties in Telkom University that is interested to improve their skill in English and join an English competition. Student English Society has 6 divisions there are: Debate, speech, scrabble, newscasting, movie making, and storytelling.

After 5 years of existing, Student English Society of Telkom University planned to organize a National English competition for high school student and varsity. We are hoping to make this event annually every year. This event is named Telkom Annual Competition of English Society 2019 (Telkom ACES 2019) in this Competition we will have 6 branches of competition related to 6 divisions of SES. every branches of competition will be organized by SES divisions.

Theme of event

We proudly present The Fourth Telkom ACES 2019, with the theme of “Healing The World” and “Together We Can Make The World Better” as our tagline, we would like to remind all of us that our world is a responsibility for all the human being that should be protected. We really hope people will be more conscious about the environment and society around us.

The Competition




Do you like to argue about everything? About laws, economics, gender equality, or even God? If so, then this division is the best choice you can ask for. In debate classes we blow our mind, we learn and argue about everything to the point where both teams agree. In this division we learn how to be a good debater, from basic structure on debate, matter, manner, and even strategies to win the debate.

Level : Varsity
Fee : Rp 500.000 / Team

Registration for Debate

Rules and regulations for Debate



Want to be the next Soekarno or maybe Mario Teguh? This is the right place. Speech is the expression of ideas and thoughts by means of articulating the vocal sounds or the faculty of thus expressing ideas and thoughts. Delivering some information to the people, approaching them and touching them with your speech. Miracle could happen in this division. You can change someone’s mindset through your words.

Level : High School & Varsity
Fee : Rp 250.000 / Person

Registration for Speech

Rules and regulations for Speech


Scrabble is a word game which is played by two up to four players. The goal of this game is to collect as many score as possible. You can get score by placing tiles and make words on 15×15 grid of squares. You can place your tiles in certain ways only, flow right to left in rows or downwards in columns, not diagonals. You can get score by placing tiles and making words on 15×15 grid of squares. The word must be able to be defined in a standard English dictionary. Almost all tournament games involve only two players. Typically, each has 25 minutes in which to make all of their plays.

Level : High School & Varsity (Youth)
Fee : Rp 250.000 / Person

Registration for Scrabble

Rules and regulations for Scrabble


Storytelling is a place where the dreamer comes together. We call ourselves storytellers because we always tell story that people couldn’t think of. We don’t usually make ordinary stories. Instead of that, we make stories beyond the capability of your imagination and dreams. Out-of-the-box stories, letting your mind run wild on your fantasies and imaginary land. Which is why, only wild dreamers can join us. Confidence is the key to be a good storyteller.

Level : High School & Varsity
Fee : Rp 250.000 / Person

Registration for Storytelling

Rules and regulations for Storytelling


Broadcast is one of Student English Society division. This entertainment-based-division is divided into two sub divisions which are newscasting and short movie making. Newscasting division is the place for people who love and want to speak on public places. In this division, we will train you on how to speak in front of big audiences confidently, to become a news anchor, to report some events and even to deliver your own show. While in short movie making, we will train you on how to be an editor or cameraman.

Level : Varsity & High School
Fee : Rp 250.000

Registration for Newscasting

Rules and regulations for Newscasting


Are you interested in making a movie where it is great in many aspects? Do you want to make an amazing yet simple short-movie(or even the longer ones)? Do you want to have a successful Youtube Channel like Pewdiepie? Well fear not, then the Movie Making Division is for you! In this Division, you will have a movie experience like you never have before. We will be making movies with great and professional acting, narrating, camera handling, producing, and more. Not only that, you will have the ability to create your own movie with great FXs. So, what are you waiting for?

Level : General (15-25 years old)
Fee : Rp 250.000/Team

Registration for Moviemaking

Rules and regulations for Moviemaking


Contact Us

Line : @zle2275o

Instagram : tacestelkomuniv

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